Vendor Neutral ECG Management

Vendor Neutral ECG Management

The healthcare IT community, in general, associates the notion of Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) to imaging procedures with radiology imaging taking the center stage. What about ECG management? The number of ECG exams done are not much fewer when compared to the number of X-Ray exams begin completed. Like radiology exams, ECGs need to be acquired, indexed into the patient’s record, interpreted, archived and distributed in variety of ways. This blog points out some of the salient aspects of PICOM365 in the context of ECG workflow.

Why only one ECG cart vendor?

Let’s say your institution has acquired different types of ECG carts over the years from GE, some of them are pre MAC5500. Now you have a budget the ECG equipment in your department. Let’s say you are also dealing with some inherent limitations of your old Muse ECG management system. Now you have options. You don’t have to blindly go with new GE carts and go through an expensive Muse upgrade. Take a look at other vendors such as Philips or Mortara to see how they work for you from a price-performance perspective. And consider PICOM365 for your ECG management. In addition to saving a lot money, you now have a modern web-based ECG management system that plays well with an HIE.

Interpretations can be done from anywhere and results are transmitted to any EMR and waveforms can be viewed on any device.

Why do you need a Silo?

Think about breaking the wall between your ECG management system and Cardiology PACS. Then think about breaking the wall between your ECG management and the hospital wide Enterprise PACS. Look at the power it brings to the table for smarter patient care. Don’t forget to think of cost savings. That is the essence of PICOM365.

Why Order driven workflow?

Gone are the days of recording ECGs without proper patient identifiers, printing, scribbling interpretations and sticking them in those yellow folders. Modern patient care requires ECGs to be treated exactly the way radiology exams are treated. ECGs must be properly indexed with correct patient identifiers and Accession numbers to make them distributable to the rest of the health enterprise. It all starts by bringing Order information into ECG management system and then leveraging widely accepted mechanisms like DICOM Modality Worklist (DMWL).

Mortara cardiographs are even natively DICOM and so naturally seamlessly plug into Order driven workflow. Philips carts even though not natively DICOM, they do allow third party systems to push worklist into carts. GE carts on the other hand are not open when it comes to modality worklist. However, PICOM365 with its Post Acquisition Conflict Resolution (PACRES) seamlessly delivers order driven workflow for GE carts as well. The same applies to other carts such as Burdick, Schiller etc.

In summary, PICOM365 provides data integrity and a consistent user experience, independent of ECG carts.

Why not embrace mobile devices?

In most institutions, ECG waveforms are active only on the ECG interpretation system and are generally distributed as static PDF everywhere. With the proliferation of tablets, smartphones and various other hybrid mobile computing platforms, physicians are demanding active ECG display and interpretation. PICOM365 naturally provides that functionality also.

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