There’s More To Imaging Than Meets The Eye

There’s More To Imaging Than Meets The Eye

The modern healthcare paradigm demands location independence to bring imaging from anywhere, to radiologists at anyplace.

  • New reimbursement models encourage “care teams” that share images and reports.
  • Reimbursement reductions are forcing practices to extend service boundaries.

Rethink your imaging strategy!

  • PACS interoperability is the key to service growth.
  • A smart global reading worklist provides seamless access and reading efficiency.

PICOM365 has redefined reading interoperability

  • Keep your existing diagnostic viewer or use PICOM365 and work from anywhere.
  • Keep your existing worklist. No need to change your familiar dashboard.
  • Eliminate co-mingling of data from different facilities in a single archive.
  • Configure your workflow with intelligent business rules and imaging tools.
  • Get a complete reading package with prior images and reports, where you need it.

20 years of Imaging Ingenuity for Smarter Patient Care

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