St. Luke’s Hospital

Case Study: St. Luke's Hospital

Change is the one constant in healthcare today. Facilities are relentlessly challenged with new regulations, reimbursement models, economic forces and performance pressures. In order to remain viable and competitive, many health systems focus on the tangible value of clinical systems and related processes.

This is also the case with St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield, Missouri. Founded in 1866, this prominent 493 bed hospital, offering over 60 clinical specialties, is nationally recognized for many of its services including cardiovascular care and surgery. With the notoriety of being recognized as one of the nation’s 50 Best hospitals for nine years in a row, St. Luke’s regularly demonstrates prudence and vision. Fortunately, they found an image management partner with similar insight.

With overwhelming supportive evidence, the current trend in the PACS market is to consolidate redundant imaging resources into a single enterprise system. This enterprise concept was already available commercially in ScImage’s PICOM® platform which St. Luke’s installed in 2002 to manage cath imaging. “For our facility, ScImage has provided an incredible value” says Scott Holtswarth, director of information systems at St. Luke’s. “We installed its PACS initially to manage imaging for our cath labs. Shortly afterward, ScImage helped us integrate imaging into an early EHR of our own design, called WebPINS (Web Enabled Patient Information Network). ” Today, ScImage is an integral part of the management of images, waveforms and data throughout St. Luke’s network.

After learning more about the intrinsic flexibility of the PICOM365® architecture, Mr. Holtswarth and St. Luke’s envisioned developing a comprehensive cardiac record.

“With every subsequent project, ScImage has always come through. We’ve added echo and vascular imaging and reporting; perinatal workflow, pediatric cardiology, ECG management, holter and stress test reporting and a cloud application hot site for specialty reading.”

From a clinical perspective, ScImage’s PICOM365 enterprise imaging system provides caregivers with extraordinary workflow flexibility and unmatched diagnostic access. The single database approach to data management affords cardiologists at St. Luke’s the ability to view all diagnostic disciplines in cardiology through a single login.

All of the innovation amassed in the ScImage platform provides clinicians with optimized productivity and seamless access to data, to assist in providing the best patient care. Dr. Anthony Pearson, director of the echocardiography laboratory at St. Luke’s, routinely logs in remotely to manage his workload by creating and signing cardiac reports. While Dr. Pearson is on call, he receives notifications of STAT echos and EKG’s that have just been completed in the intensive care unit. Using the ScImage zero footprint viewer, he is able to review the echo images and immediately convey the results to the intensivists.


ScImage’s single database approach to multi-department image management has been an integral benefit of the PICOM365 PACS platform since the product’s inception in the late 1990’s. By systematically collecting information from multiple data sources, both operational and clinical data can be collected, indexed and categorized. Now, with PICOM Analytics, users can seamlessly access production data to evaluate operational performance and execute ad-hoc queries for in-depth clinical outcomes investigation. Access to the non-proprietary SQL database offers crucial data points to address PQRS, comparative analysis and other regulatory reporting. “The real value is in the breadth of the system’s capability, ” added Mr. Holtswarth. “When we add another department or clinical service, the incremental cost is a fraction of what it would cost to implement another specialty system. ”

St. Luke’s foresight helped the institution position itself for the requirements of value based healthcare. The extensibility of ScImage’s PACS has allowed St. Luke’s to leverage its current implementation to add secure, cloud image sharing. Image sharing became a key component as St. Luke’s looked to implement strategic outreach for critical and specialized imaging procedures.

Ultimately, ScImage’s PICOM365 enterprise PACS has helped St. Luke’s diversify its services, drive down system costs, improve access to historical data for better clinical decisions, improve report turnaround efficiency and consolidate patients’ records for a more holistic clinical view.

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