Cloud PACS

The concept of Cloud PACS is known by a variety of names: Hosted PACS, Off-Site PACS, or PACS Software as a Service (SaaS). We call it PicomCloud.

The first of its kind, PicomCloud was introduced as PicomOnline in 2000. PicomCloud provides a portfolio of solutions for different needs: Self-Service PACS, Telemedicine, Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery services.

Engineered using the same platform as our on premises PACS server, PicomCloud provides a compelling and cost-effective alternative to an on-site PACS system, without the initial capital investment or the ongoing support costs.


What is PicomCloud?

    • Complete diagnostic reading and reporting
    • Order driven workflow
    • Import exams into your PACS from anywhere
    • Zero-footprint exam upload from anywhere
    • Secure image forwarding / sharing with other sites

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PicomCloud: No compromise Cloud PACS

Capable of sophisticated workflow as an extension of an existing PACS, ease of deployment as a self-service PACS, efficient interoperability as a teleradiology reading service or for simple DICOM image transfer, PicomCloud offers the flexibility that only a complete cloud PACS can.


Benefits of using PicomCloud:

  • Access to your Cloud PACS from any web connected PC.
  • Unlimited access to your stored images and reports with no per click fees.
  • Works for radiology, cardiology, orthopedics, obstetrics and other ‘ologies.
  • Accepts DICOM and non-DICOM objects.
  • Exam retention based on regulatory guidelines and business policies. Additionally, each exam is replicated for disaster recovery.

PACS Tools in PicomCloud:

  • Unlimited access to the same professional viewing and reporting applications used in our PICOM365 platform.
  • HL7 orders and results integration with your local information system.
  • Selective access for your referring physicians to their patients’ records.
  • Replicated storage; we provide the disaster recovery.
  • Image transfer, image exchange and web-based CD/DVD image uploading

Reporting Tools in PicomCloud:

  • Create preliminary or final reports.
  • Reporting methods include structured reporting and free-form text.
  • Integrated voice recognition reporting available.
  • Electronic report delivery tools available.

Benefits of Cloud PACS vs. local PACS:

  • Always the latest software release with the newest tools.
  • No annual service contract costs.
  • No capital cost for servers and archive technologies.
  • No remote access concerns through your firewall to your server.
  • As a SaaS provider, ScImage delivers a complete cloud PACS with minimal IT staff support required.

Clinical Applications:picture

PicomCloud offers a host of advanced visualization and reporting tools for radiology, cardiology, orthopedics, obstetrics and more.

To learn more about what our PicomCloud PACS can provide for your clinical specialty, simply follow the Clinical Solutions links to the right.

ScImage has been delivering advanced, professional PACS technologies for nearly two decades. You can trust ScImage to deliver the tools you need for your PACS project.