Other ‘Ologies

Pathology, ophthalmology, dermatology, and other visual light modalities can all benefit from the shared infrastructure and interoperability of your PACS. ScImage has the PACS solution to get you there.

pictureYou can immediately experience the benefits of digital access and electronic workflow using our PICOM365™ PACS system. Or, you may opt out of managing your own PACS and subscribe to PicomCloud™, ScImage’s Software as a Service (SaaS), hosted PACS. You simply pay per procedure. It’s easy to get started with and there’s virtually no financial risk.

Either way, the advantages are many.




From virtually any PC, you’ll enjoy nearly instant access to your current and historical images for full diagnostic review and analysis.

As part of the digital process, ScImage can provide a direct link for the acquisition of digital slide imaging. Additionally, with our document management tools, you may also upload reports, charts, graphs and other media into the patient’s electronic record.




In our nearly two decades of healthcare imaging development, ScImage has mastered the design of medical imaging. You’ll enjoy anywhere access to the imaging applications, including all of the native image tuning and measurement tools.

ScImage also has different technologies available for reporting, such as our flexible PICOM SR structutered reporting with a built-in design toolset, or our voice recognition platform.

Collaboration & Research


Our web-based platform provides a venue for collaborative exchange of clinical images and information for clinical decision support and real time consultation.

For research purposes, ScImage provides a built-in anonymizer tool to simplify the creation of teaching files for education and research.