Designed for performance and portability, ScImage's Echo PACS imaging and reporting tools merge data from multiple sources to provide an incredibly efficient reporting platform.

Adaptive Workflow

Depending on the school of thought you subscribe to, you may prefer having measurements generated at the time of the exam, or subsequent to the test while reviewing images, or a combination of the two for measurement validation.

Have it your way.

Our PICOM365 platform captures and presents imagery and discrete measurement data from multiple sources, input directly into PicomSR structured reporting module. Measurements can be re-assessed, modified and updated to the central database, even from a remote web client.

Considering the echo report content comes from multiple sources, such as measurements from the echocardiograph, observations from the technologist and potential baseline data points from the prior echo report, ScImage’s Echo PACS considerably reduces the multi-step reporting process.

Additional Echo PACS features:

  • Automatic measurement capture with database and report insertion.
  • Elegant and extensive structured reporting from anywhere.
  • 17 segment wall motion scoring with automatic report content updates.
  • Comprehensive measurement tools for 2D and M-mode and doppler.
  • Automated stress-echo viewing protocols.
  • Automatic calculation of pediatric z-scores and normal ranges.
  • Support of enhanced 3D and 4D echo imaging.
  • Built-in voice recognition reporting for summary observations with spell check.
  • Image enabled capability for EMR, PM, smart phones and web tablets.
  • Automatic final report delivery engine available.

Intelligent Integration in Stress Echo Reporting


Synchronization of stress / echo loops for rapid visual review is one example of the efficiency of this reporting platform. Merging data from multiple sources into a unified report presents a quantum leap over traditional echo reporting workflow processes.

With ScImage’s PicomSR reporting platform, echo measurement data is merged with stress test data in a unified structured report, streamlining the reporting process, while promoting greater diagnostic confidence and rapid treatment decisions.

Procedural data and exam observations can be pre-staged by the sonographer, leaving clinical findings and measurement validation to the reading physician.

The PicomSR structured reporting platform guides the user through the reporting process, intelligently marking completed segments while monitoring incomplete required sections.

While this is a structured reporting tool, reporting complex results is made easier using the available voice recognition tools directly into the findings or conclusions.

With the industry’s fastest on-demand access to diagnostic imaging and our advanced reporting technologies, ScImage offers you an impressive array of clinical workflow tools.

When deployed as part of ScImage’s PICOM365 PACS, you’ll have the added advantage of access to enterprise level, multi-modality imaging and reporting; all from a single, web accessible dashboard.

If you are a current Carestream customer and are interested in adding echo imaging and reporting to your existing PACS installation, you can also contact Carestream for the same solution.