Improving Data Transfer & Viewing Experiences

Improving Data Transfer & Viewing Experiences

The fundamental image entry point into a medical imaging ecosystem must use a small footprint with efficient communication capabilities. Images need to be packaged and moved to their destination securely and quickly, leveraging the available bandwidth. When these images arrive, there can be no lag in unpacking and processing the data. Users need access to images right away.

ScImage’s latest development in image capture and delivery is achieving exactly this–image acquisition software that realizes a five to ten fold improvement in speed and efficiency of data upload, while significantly reducing server side database transaction loads.

Besides the obvious transmission efficiency, the study is only available for display after all images are present in the study folder. The result is a greatly improved physician experience by eliminating the confusion with in-progress image displays.

Whether the destination is an on-premises PicomEnterprise server, or our PicomOnline cloud PACS or a PICOM365 Hybrid Cloud solution that combines both, users will experience a more efficient image viewing experience.

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