In a business segment rife with vendor consolidation, ScImage remains an independent bastion of imagination and ingenuity, proudly embracing and delivering new technologies to the healthcare imaging community.

About Our Company

Founded in 1993 by Sai Raya, Ph.D., ScImage is a privately held, employee owned company providing state of the art enterprise imaging solutions to the healthcare industry.

When companies merge, their customers often get short-changed. In the more than two decade history of ScImage, we are proud of our track record in that no customer has ever been abandoned by a “sunsetted” product, nor has any customer ever required a “forklift” upgrade. We as a company, wouldn’t have it any other way.

ScImage is an ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 company. We thrive on delivering world class technologies, applications and services for the health imaging enterprise with innovative quality management processes.

Our Mission

ScImage knowingly and purposely chose the difficult path to growth. Often, externally financed operations become motivated by unsustainable hyper-growth, driven by external shareholders. Conversely, ScImage has grown organically. All operations are internally financed, with no external debt. ScImage stands independent, strong and viable.

Our mission is to carry on our success, as measured by our customers:

ScImage maintains extraordinary customer retention through our “One customer at a time” principle. We are committed to providing our customers with upgrade pathways rather than dead-ends. And as always, we endeavor to engineer, modify or tweak any implementation, until it’s done to the customer’s satisfaction.

In support of our commitment to providing advanced imaging and informatics technologies in healthcare, ScImage continues to invest over 35 % of income in product research and development.

Our History

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