The Future of Security

In a healthcare environment that promotes patient engagement, making sure information remains confidential is paramount. Whether information is shared between physicians or with the patient themselves, measures must be taken to insure both the security and integrity of the data.
Every vendor in the healthcare sector offers various levels of security, but how much is enough still has yet to be…

The Future of Innovation

I did a Google search for “healthcare innovation” and came up with all sorts of hits: “FDA approves novel implanted sensor to watch heart failure”; “Infographics are revolutionizing the patient experience”; “New hepatitis C drug – a priceless breakthrough”; “Big Data has big potential” and wondered just what constitutes something innovative? A lot of that depends on where you look.


The Future of Big Data

Ask ten people what big data means and you get ten different answers. Nearly all will agree that it includes data sets that are so large in volume (terabytes to petabytes) or complex in nature that traditional data processing applications can’t be used. The one thing nearly everyone in healthcare will agree on is that data can drive not…

The Future of the Connected Healthcare System

The future of connected healthcare is here today. End users evaluating a system want to know that they are taking a step forward, not backward, and that a system that works with everyone using standards to interconnect is the only way healthcare can meet its stated goals.

Connected healthcare dates back to the late 1960’s yet has never held more promise…

Improving Data Transfer & Viewing Experiences

The fundamental image entry point into a medical imaging ecosystem must use a small footprint with efficient communication capabilities. Images need to be packaged and moved to their destination securely and quickly, leveraging the available bandwidth. When these images arrive, there can be no lag in unpacking and processing the data. Users need access to images right away.

ScImage’s latest development…

DICOM Image Streaming – Perfected

Interactive streaming of DICOM image objects into viewers is the fundamental operation driving a quality user experience in diagnostic image interpretation. Unintelligent sequential downloading of images one-by-one is the norm with most current PACS solutions. Physicians are forced and trained to live with sub-optimal performance. Consider CT/MR type modalities with a good number of priors and complex hanging protocols. Image…

A Decade of PICOM BrickStore™ – Cloud Storage Perfected

Zero hardware failures and five nines of uptime after several millions of imaging exams and after several hundred terabytes of storage – it is a nice proof statement for the ingenuous architecture of BrickStore™ storage, developed and implemented by ScImage, at the PicomOnline ( Cloud PACS and healthcare image interoperability portal. Massive scalability, cost-effective storage, low power consumption and low…

Critical Alerts Workflow Perfected with Hybrid Cloud

Critical alerts workflow requires disseminating alerts via text messaging and email distribution and running a clinical imaging web portal that is exposed to users outside the firewall. Most institutions with IT departments do have proper infrastructure for text messaging and email distribution but are subjected to local domain and security restrictions. Even when dealing with cooperative IT departments, things may…

Cloud PACS Perfected

Modern PACS is not just an independent imaging box anymore that can only do acquisition, storage and distribution of images. It needs to coexist and stay connected with rest of the workflow components of imaging service. The workflow starts with an ordering system, goes through various clinical components and activities and ends with result distribution and a billing system. If…

Adaptive MPI Translation For Multi-Site Image Exchange

Patients visiting multiple specialists at multiple institutions are a common occurrence throughout the healthcare ecosystem that needs some special consideration from an information exchange perspective. When it comes to exchanging data, on the surface and under ideal conditions things may appear simple and straightforward. Institutions, however, face various implementation challenges and spend a lot of time and resources when bridging…

The Power of Image Pointers in EMR

A picture is worth a thousand words. Image pointers bring richness to EMR content. Whether it is physician to patient consultation or physician to physician consultation, images elevate comprehension to a higher level. Insertion of image pointers into an EMR may be a luxury for now but is fast becoming a necessity. In many institutions, implementation of image pointers is…

Leverage Your VNA Investment With More Than Radiology

For the Enterprise

Leverage your VNA investment with comprehensive cardiology integration.
Go beyond cardiology to all other ‘ologies that need data storage.
PICOM365 can handle DICOM, non DICOM, documents, videos and binary files.
Provide a single source universal viewer to image enable your EMR.
Create intelligent end to end clinical imaging workflow with PICOM365.

PICOM365 – The only solution with native, end to end cardiology integration


There’s More To Imaging Than Meets The Eye

The modern healthcare paradigm demands location independence to bring imaging from anywhere, to radiologists at anyplace.

New reimbursement models encourage “care teams” that share images and reports.
Reimbursement reductions are forcing practices to extend service boundaries.

Rethink your imaging strategy!

PACS interoperability is the key to service growth.
A smart global reading worklist provides seamless access and reading efficiency.

PICOM365 has redefined reading interoperability

Keep your existing…

Cardiology Imaging Strategy – For The CIO

Imagine the backstage of a high school symphonic band concert, ten minutes before the start. This is how imaging modalities are playing together in many cardiology departments today. Interestingly, the larger the institution, the greater the fragmentation and chaos. Your experience sitting in the audience once the concert starts is much different. This is how radiology departments are organized. And in this case, the bigger the…

ScImage Reaches A Milestone In Perfecting The Science Of Collaborative Reading

ScImage is proud to solidify its leadership in delivering complex collaborative reading solutions to institutions of varying sizes. This is not a statement about what is logically possible. It is based on the knowledge and experience gained by operating several complex environments that have been operational for several months to several years. Our PICOM365 framework is empowering ScImage to architect and deliver complex solutions…

Who Is ScImage?

ScImage brings cost effective imaging strategies to institutions saddled with patched imaging silos and cobbled workflow. ScImage’s PICOM365 technology unifies multi-department PACS, diagnostic reporting, VNA, universal viewing and collaborative reading into a powerful platform that can be delivered on premises, in the cloud or both. ScImage is unique in the industry with a native diagnostic application suite that is advanced…

Do You Need A Black-Box VNA?

that depends…

If you are managing a larger institution, already invested in multiple imaging workflow solutions, it makes sense to invest in a single platform to store all your data.

PICOM365 is an excellent option that provides VNA with built-in universal viewing.

If you are managing a smaller institution, why waste money on a silo black-box VNA? Your shrinking budget needs smarter decisions.


Vendor Neutral ECG Management

The healthcare IT community, in general, associates the notion of Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) to imaging procedures with radiology imaging taking the center stage. What about ECG management? The number of ECG exams done are not much fewer when compared to the number of X-Ray exams begin completed. Like radiology exams, ECGs need to be acquired, indexed into the patient’s record, interpreted,…

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