Case Study: Blessing Hospital

Since 1875, Blessing Hospital (Quincy, IL) has worked to provide area residents with the highest quality medical care possible. Today, Blessing continues to respond to the changing healthcare needs of the community — upgrading technology and facilities to provide economical, high quality medical care. As a result, they have developed the most complete healthcare system in the region.

In keeping with Blessing Hospital’s long history of providing quality care and the most advanced services available, the facility has embarked upon an enterprise-wide digital imaging initiative. This initiative will provide Blessing Hospital with an integrated cardiology/radiology image and document management system for their healthcare enterprise that will make use of the existing PACS.

Since 1875, Blessing Hospital has provided quality care to Quincy, IL.

Since 1875, Blessing Hospital has provided quality care to Quincy, IL.

As part of this initiative, Blessing has purchased ScImage’s Enterprise PACS offering, PICOMEnterprise. When the installation is complete, two clustered PICOMEnterprise servers linked to a Blessing supplied SAN will be located at Blessing Hospital’s Data Center providing a highly secure, redundant auto-failover platform.

To assist the facility in meeting its budget, diagnostic review stations will be built using hardware provided by Blessing Hospital. Those diagnostic workstations will be able to perform MPR, oblique slicing and 3-D volume rendering tools using ScImage’s 3-D visualization product via a network-based license.

Additionally, viewing throughout the facility will be accomplished by accessing the data stored on the PICOMEnterprise servers. Prior imaging exams that are currently stored on the existing PACS will also be available via these interfaces, providing referring physicians with a robust archive of all imaging exams performed at Blessing Hospital.

The hospital also intends to integrate PICOMEnterprise with its newly acquired Eclipsys Sunrise clinical information system. This integration will result in a single point of entry for all referring physicians to access critical patient data that until now could only be accessed via multiple systems.

In order to lessen the chance for data entry errors, the hospital intends to integrate the ScImage solution with the existing HIS to capture demographic data. Additionally, exam orders will be sent from both the radiology department and the cardiology department using the new Sunrise XAClinical Information System from Eclipsys. This will provide the hospital with modality Worklist functionality by collecting HL7 ORM messages and storing those orders within the DICOM Modality Worklist database on the PICOMEnterprise server. When the exam is complete and the images have been sent back to the PICOMEnterprise server, several things will happen. First, a secondary copy is pushed to the facility’s existing

PACS. A Study Complete (SC) message will also be sent to indicate that the study has been completed. This will trigger an ORU message that will notify the Sunrise XA CIS that the study is available and will give the location via a URL hyperlink within the Sunrise XA product. By clicking on the hyperlink, anyone with access privileges at Blessing Hospital can view the patient’s exams right from the PICOMEnterprise server. The result is an integration that brings all of a patient’s imaging data to a single point of entry within the hospital.

In addition to the integration with the Eclipsys CIS, PICOMEnterprise will also capture, store and distribute data from the hospital’s existing PACS solution in order to provide a more complete solution for image acquisition, diagnostic review, short-term storage, reporting and Web-based distribution utilizing a single application platform. “We selected ScImage because they were able to meet our needs for integration,” stated Stacey McGrath, Blessing’s IS supervisor, systems and integration. “Given the nature of clinical workflow in our facility today and knowing where we need to be tomorrow,we knew we needed a product that could seamlessly integrate with our current digital tools quickly and easily. Workflow integration is the key to a successful digital initiative. ScImage’s experience with integration made the decision easy.”

Blessing Hospital’s enterprise-wide PACS includes CIS/EMR integration.

Blessing Hospital’s enterprise-wide PACS includes CIS/EMR integration.

Boyd Spoonmore PACS coordinator, Blessing Hospital commented, “As PACS has evolved over the past five years since our original Radiology specific PACS deployment, we have seen a significant trend towards an integrated Enterprise Wide Image and Information management and distribution requirement, this includes CIS/EMR integration along with centralizing all clinical images and information. ScImage was one of the only vendors that could provide a flexible, broad technology platform for Blessing Hospital to adapt into our current clinical workflow.”

When the hospital completes its digital imaging initiative, data from Cardiology Imaging Services, Radiology Imaging Services, and EKG Management will be delivered to the Sunrise product. PICOMEnterprise will also be used to provide telemedicine capabilities to designated members of the facility.

“We are pleased that Blessing Hospital has selected ScImage’s Enterprise PACS solution to tie together data coming from multiple departments,” stated Sai P. Raya, founder and CEO of ScImage. “We believe that Blessing Hospital’s digital initiative will improve overall patient care and are looking forward to working closely with them to assist in their medical imaging workflow goals.”

“We needed a system that would fit with our overall goals for workflow,”stated Candy Tretter, director of radiology at Blessing Hospital. “ScImage understood where we needed to go with our digital initiative. By utilizing our existing infrastructure we can focus on improving our workflow instead of learning new software.”